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XCylon is the complete solution for the wheels and tires industry in all aspects, from the design and manufacturing phase of wheels and tires to the delivery of goods to the end consumer.
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Wheels and tires design prototyping and multimedia production
We help the manufacturers design the future wheels and tires prototypes adapted for the new electrical vehicles usingour compatibility database.


Full process management, complete IT infrastructure using own private data-center and cloud solution
From the factory to the consumer, our Odoo based ERP solution will follow your wheels and tires products all the way.

Web & App

On-line wheels and tires web-shop, and mobile app
Using our app, the client can easily browse through the compatible wheels and tires legally acceptable for the specified car.


Assistance for product barnd building & Access to our brands
We believe in simplicity and interaction. We translate technical information in a user-friendly language.


The cars, wheels and tires technical knowledge base and compatibility database
With the rise of electric cars, where noise produced by the tires is louder than the engine’s, we started to...