Product Brand Building

We believe in simplicity and interaction; our focus is to deliver helpful information and eye-appealing visual data, images & video materials for our products. We translate technical information in a user-friendly language. So when we work in building a brand strategy for our products, we always have our customers in mind and the trends that matter for them as we live in a more dynamic and global world. Our solid knowledge and years of experience in the field helped us change behavior in the industry providing unique solutions for unique products. We know what you need, and we know how we can help you thrive in this business.

Our product brand building stands on these robust pillars:

  • Simple, straightforward visual identity
  • Interaction design
  • Website audit
  • Professional technical copywriting and content strategy
  • Market trends research
  • SEO and SEM optimization

We offer access to Zax and Frigus brand building and promoting programs, focusing on electric and sports cars.

  • Zax rim designs meet the customer’s expectations regarding quality and design. And, because of the lightness, they also provide significantly more range for electric cars through lower weight on rims and rotary forged rims.
  • FRIGUS EV winter tire with optimized properties for the winter season. FRIGUS EV was developed by focusing on drainage, suitable rubber compound, and softness combined with rigid tire sides. The result was FRIGUS EV ICE 3, which provides excellent properties for heavy electric cars that appreciate these properties. Complete drainage reduces aquaplaning, the rubber compound makes the tire last longer, and rigid tire sides make heavy cars more stable. FRIGUS EV delivers these qualities with also being low on noise and lower energy consumption.

We present our products with measurable information tested on normal roads through everyday driving. Easily done tests, that customers can re-create themselves.