The cars, wheels and tires technical knowledge base and compatibility database

During our more than ten years of experience in the wheels and tires industry, we build a knowledge base about the manufactured cars, wheels, and tires products existing on the market. For each item, we collect technical details like size, weight, maximum load, images, and much more.

In case of incomplete or nonexisting information from manufacturers, we conduct our measurements or photo sessions in our locations. 

With the rise of electric cars, where noise produced by the tires is louder than the engine’s, we started to conduct our noise tests taking real-life noise measurements from inside the vehicle. In the winter season, we conducted traction tests on a road covered with slush or snow. All these results will support the client to get the best decision on choosing the desired product and not rely on the EU Labels values that are sometimes misleading. 

In the last years, with the advance of technology, we started to build a 3D models database of the most representative products. This advent in technology led to a more automated approach without the need for the physical presence of the product.

To complete our database, we try to include also related accessories and services like pressure sensors or a particular mounting service.

The wheels and tires compatibility database is the core of our technology, representing a matrix of the wheels and tires that fit a specific car.

This database can build the product compatibility chart in real-time using the cars, wheels, and tires knowledge base as input by considering the physical dimensions and other parameters. Also, by keeping close communication with our local tires shops, we tweak the database by entering all kinds of exceptions to ensure a perfect match both mechanically and visually between the car and the selected wheel and tire package.

To reduce the stock pressure on the local warehouses, we embraced the concept of blank wheels that would fit a much more extensive range of cars, adding special drilling services. We provide or technical staff proper instruction about the required operations on the milling CNC machine. 

On the other side, if advanced machinery is not available, by using spacer rings from our accessory database, we can fit the close enough bigger compatible wheels to a broader range of cars.

The compatibility database will suggest the complete list of compatible tire pressure sensors, the required nuts or bolts, or other accessories. To complete the whole package, mandatory or optional services like balancing, washing, retrofitting, storage, handling, and others, for a complete set of wheels and tires mounted on the desired car are also suggested.