Web-shop and mobile app

Our custom-built, modern, mobile-friendly web-based application can be embedded in any website or delivered as a personalized mobile application that the client can download.

Using our app, the client can easily browse through the compatible wheels and tires legally acceptable for the specified car. We divided products into four sections: wheels and tires, wheels only, tires only, and tires by size. Standard and staggered configurations are supported, where you have a different size on the rear tire than on the front tire.

At the beginning of each section, we present a list of recommended 1-click buys offers.

All the products are displayed with the most important technical details and related articles to help the user make an educated choice regarding his final package reducing call center times for extra Q&A sessions. At every step, the pre-compiled multimedia gallery with the selected car and wheels helps the user see how the final package will look if purchased. This “real-life” simulation boosts sales and user satisfaction.

After the desired wheels and tires are selected, the system generates a complete quote to the user with the total cost of the package, including the corresponding accessories, related services, and estimated delivery date. The user can make small changes to the quote, like extra services or shipping and payment options.

After the quote is validated, the rest of the sales process continues over e-mail with constant status updates and shipping details.

The main goal of the web portal is to allow automated self-ordering of a valid wheels and tires package, paid online and scheduled to be mounted at the nearest tire shop location.