Wheels and tires design prototyping and multimedia production

We help the manufacturers design the future wheels and tires prototypes adapted for the new electrical vehicles using our compatibility database. Having the power to simulate and view the list of compatible cars in real-time, together with the manufacturer, we can adjust the product’s technical details to reach the desired car market.

With the help of our multimedia team, we can create product images, promotional videos, and banners of concept products before they even started to be manufactured, an excellent tool for testing market acceptance and conducting pre-order campaigns for future developments. Using our real-life experience gathered over the years and the in-house measurements, we can suggest different tire patterns to achieve the desired noise and traction levels or advance other structural elements to sustain the heavier loads of electric cars.

Based on reviews received directly from the end-users, we consult on different rim designs that are more dirt resistant, scratch resistant, or long-lasting life on the winter roads covered with salt. If required, using our 3D rendering capabilities, we can simulate how the new design will look on the targeted cars by “real-life” photography or videos.

Our multimedia library is one of the core pillars behind our technology. Behind every image of a car with a wheels package or video created stands an extensive collection of base images of vehicles, wheels, backgrounds, and other graphical items.

Our system can generate automatically astonishing “real-file” pictures of cars equipped it their compatible wheels. When adding a new wheel to the system, its image is processed and automatically mounted on the corresponding vehicles. The same happens when a new car model appears on the market, the system can simulate both summer and winter conditions.

With the advent of 3D modeling, we started to migrate our infrastructure from still photographs taken inside the studio to highly realistic computer-generated images. This new approach allowed us to explore a broader range of freedom in movement and composition that was harder or impossible to reproduce with the traditional technique. Creating animated videos, more appealing commercials are now the norm in our multimedia department.

All this vast repository of multimedia assets is managed and strictly monitored with the help of our integrated multimedia management system that allows us easy access to the car/wheel-related files and ensures full copyright compliance.